Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rest is good

It's been a while since I last posted and it will be a while until I post again! Rest is good.
If you are interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, please visit my other blog, For the Love of Raw, where I'll be concentrating all my time for the foreseeable future. Two jobs and two blogs are a lot to keep up with.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vegan news in the area

For starters bargain-hunters, get your shop on, because Natural Goodness is closing after 15 years! This was my neighborhood health food store for YEARS! I'm so sad to see it leave. Where am I going to go for a fresh carrot juice in the middle of the afternoon for a pick-me-up now? Stock up on vitamins, toilet paper, teas essential oils while you can!

There's a new semi-vegan eatery in town. Maru Global serves Japanese street food. They offer quite a few vegan options, including soups and desserts. They have pizza, burritos and all kinds of good stuff. Haven't tried it out it, but take-out seems like a good option, especially when it starts getting warmer and you can take lunch to Washington Square West park!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this organic, vegan, soy-free ice cream sweetened with agave from Coconut Bliss. I can't wait for summer when I'm craving ice cream and won't feel guilt free when eating this. Available at Whole Foods.

And vegans beware! I saw these amazing-looking and very tempting donuts in the frozen aisle at Whole Foods, but upon closer inspection I see that eggs are listed twice in the ingredients. It says dairy-free...I don't know about you, but I consider eggs a dairy product. Make sure you read labels!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

People talking about Food

People come over my house all the time and say, "oh you guys should totally watch Food Inc." We haven't watched it yet, only because we've been researching this stuff for over a decade. I'm vegan because of factory farming, and while in a perfect world everyone would be vegan, I know a 'perfect' world is also a non-reality.

Thankfully, to people like first lady Michelle Obama and food researcher and author Michael Pollan, people are talking and more people are starting to listen.
Michael Pollan appeared on Democracy Now on Monday. Tuesday,  Michelle Obama talks to Larry King about childhood obesity. After listening to Pollan discuss Oprah's lawsuit with Big Beef, I was curious to see how deeply Michelle would delve into our food industry and she just barely grazed upon the subject matter. Larry seemed much more intent on finding out about life in the White House, instead of focusing on the issue. Probably no fault of either of them. Big Beef strongly discourages any flack on their industry, as we've seen in the Oprah case, which she has not broached since.

I'm happy to see food as a discussion in our society. After reading Barbara Kingsolver's book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I have a new respect for this Slow Food Movement and I'm a supporter of bringing back extinct breeds of livestock, versus factory farming. If that is what it takes for people to eat healthy. I like the idea of America re-inventing itself based on tradition.

What this country needs is more discussions about food, and to invigorate the public to make better choices. Healthy living costs more. I spend a lot of money on food, but since it's my health and future I'm investing in, it's a no brainer. I stopped thinking that I need a new pair of shoes, or a new bag and instead, buy lots of fresh produce, super-foods and supplements. Talking about food is the first step, now we must ALL put it into action. However you eat healthier, it's up to you, but fresh food is key. Banish prepared foods, processed foods and sugar and you will have a healthier, more fulfilling life of purpose. Both Pollan and Michelle Obama stress the importance of the family meal. This couldn't be more important. Take a step towards eating healthier today. Your body will thank you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

animal cruelty, Louis XIV style

Here's a disturbing illustration of some archaic pig siren that used to make people like Marie Antoinette giggle like a school child. This got me riled up this morning but then I thought: we've come a long way. Long way to go, but at least we don't tie wires to pigs tails and make them scream for amusement